Changelog: 20.07.2017
20 Jul 2017
- Added .autopotions (.cp .mp .hp commands as well)
- Added Faction Chat(^message) during Faction Sieges
- Added Base for attacking faction in Faction Sieges
- Only Giran, Aden and Rune can now be sieged.
- Faction Sieges, Castle Sieges and Territory wars now lasts for 1 hour
- Improved Faction Balance (before it was 53% Good 47% Evil, now its 50/50)
- Engrave the Ruler takes now 1 minute to be casted during Faction Siege
- Faction sieges are now held on Saturdays, Castle Sieges on Sundays and Territory Wars on Mondays
- Level 6+ Clans are now registered automatically to Castle Sieges (on Sunday)
- Rewards for the GvE Sieges, Normal Sieges, Territory Wars increased to: (they will be posted tomorrow at 20:00 CEST)
- Picking up drops in Instance Bosses should now be fixed. (Zaken/Halisha/Freya bug with drops on the ground)
- Fixed multiple issues with Promo Code. (new promo code will be released for beginners only inside next week)
- Only winner of Faction Siege can now register to Siege of that castle a day later.

The next updates on the server will be:
- New Promo Code for new comers & new rewards. (Before 30th July.)
- Jail bug fix. (Before 30th July.)
- Good vs Evil PvP Reward System & new currency. (Before 30th July.)
- Fortress Changes, only 8 Fortresses will be possible to be sieged/captured. (Before 30th July.)
- Faction Shop (exchange your new currency you get from GvE PvP for new stuff in Faction Shop). (Before 30th July.)
- New Olympiad system with real time statistics in game, as well as brand new design , new ranking system with MMR. (Before 30th August.)
- Infinity (hero) Weapons & Epic Jewels statistics & passives rework. (Before 30th August.)

L2Era Players Welcome Bonuses - 72H Limited!
12 Jul 2017
How to get the bonuses?
1) Create a new account & create a new character
2) Use in the box Promo Code: froml2era
- On level 1, all L2Era players will get 7-Days Premium Account Bonuses.
- On level 20, all L2Era players will get 10-Days limited yellow name.
- On level 40, you will get 1 random HAT-Accessory (50DP worth).
- On level 52, you will get Adena (enough to buy full B-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels).
- On level 61, you will get Adena (enough to buy full A-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels).
- On level 76, you will get Adena (enough to buy full S-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels).
- On level 80, you will get 4 TOP-Grade Lifestones & 30 Giant Codex.
- On level 85, you will get 10 Giant-Codex Mastery-Adena (enough to buy full Dynasty).
- When an L2Era player, Creates a clan and getting 10 members on it, it will automatically get Level 7 & 50.000 Clan Reputation Points.
The Newbie Helper's Update!
10 Jul 2017
The Newbie Helper's Update!

GM Shop Changes

- Dynasty Weapons & Dynasty Armors & Dynasty Jewels added
- A/S - Grade Weapons/Armors/Jewels prices lowered

Newbie Bonuses

All new Accounts get 7 Days Premium Account Bonuses automatically from the system.
Server is now FREE to Play!
07 Jul 2017
L2Tales - Good vs Evil x20 is now FREE To Play for everyone.
There are tons of players online, WITHOUT ANY kind of Donation for equipment/enchantment/attribution/special item!
Also we have FULL Antibot & Antiadrenaline protection that blocks all kinds of bots.

Join the most fair server made for everyone that loves this game and enjoy it with the thousands of players we got ingame!
Grand Opening, L2Tales: The Good vs Evil x20 - High Five.
15 Jun 2017
Grand Opening: 30 June at 21:00 GMT+2.

Platform: High Five
Mode: Faction Midrate, Good vs Evil
Rates: x20 (Craft-PvP)
Registration: Pay to Play, 3.9€ per Account without Donations.

Short Description: The Good vs Evil will be a highly developed x20 Mid-Rate style server, with 2 factions and constant competition about every single objective as farming areas, castles, instances, raid bosses, grand epic bosses. The server will be premium and the price per account will be 3.9€. The server will have NO Donations for any kind of equipment/enchantment, only services you could buy on store will be Accessories, Quests Items (Baium,Antharas,Valakas quests), Noblesse Quest, Clan Services (Leves, Clan Skills), Recommendations (255 Permanent), Account Services (Transfer Faction, Unban, Unjail).

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