• L2Tales GvE [Good vs Evil] will be a unique developed mid rate Lineage 2 faction server with most of the features of past Tales servers, although it will include a bunch of new features and action activities with a more competitive gameplay.
• The gameplay style will allow players to choose their faction as Good or Evil in the character creation, and they might be able to change their faction in future by trading some Game Currency (TBD).
• The map will be dangerous and adventurous! On every area out of the Townships & Villages there will not be safe zones and you have to trust on the Gatekeeper to check the number of each area how many of your allies possesses.
• Rune Township will be the Evil's base and Aden Town will be the Good's faction basic Town.
• Shops & Offline buffers will only be able to setup in a certain area of those 2 Towns. Players from each faction can travel between towns/enemy base and safe zones without fear of dying for their market/quest purposes.
• Both Factions will have on their possession permanently 3 castles each. Evil Side: Gludio, Rune, Dion, Good Side: Aden, Schuttgart, Oren and clans from each faction can siege and battle for them each Sunday at 18:00.
• Giran, Innadril & Goddard Castles will be sieged every 2(number TBD) weeks at Saturday 17:00 19:00 21:00 on a Faction vs Faction.
     - Seal of Ruler skill will have 35 seconds cast time on the GvE sieges, GvE Castle Sieges will last 1 hour each.
     - 30 Minutes before each Siege, a poll will be opened with all the online Clan Leaders of each faction names with a clan level 6+ and the first      3 leaders with more votes will be selected as the "Ruler", the "Monarch" and the "Legion Commander" for each faction.
     - Those 3 of each faction will have the Seal of Ruler ability to engrave the Castle.
• The winning faction of the GvE Sieges will get as a reward Game Currency (TBD) and the chance for the clans of the victorious faction to siege the possessed castle between them on a civil war every Sunday at 20:00 after the first sieges till the next GvE Siege,
• L2Tales GvE will run on Smartguard client although with our own modifications which can dismiss all and every kind of ingame 3rd party software with no chance of being bypassed. (Tested successfully this March on Redmoon server)
     - People may enter for example with "Adrenaline Bot" but when they try to use it for PvP or farming they will be detected from the system and       get kicked the first time and the second time although the 3rd time they will be banned instantly.

Would you like L2Tales to be Pay to Play, WITHOUT donations in game?

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