The Black Mambas x50 Update Details.
11 Aug 2017
=Rates Changes=
Exp: from x20 => x50
Drop: from x10 => x25 (DOES NOT AFFECT: Transform Sealbook - Anakim, Leonard, Adamantine, Orichalcum, Fire/Earth/Divine/Dark/Water/Wind Stones, Giant's Codex , Giant's Codex - Oblivion/Discipline/Mastery, Large Dragon Bone, Large Dragon Skull, Fire/Earth/Divine/Dark/Water/Wind Crystals, High-Grade Life Stones, Top-Grade Life Stones, Festival Adena, BEAS, BEWS.)
Spoil: from x10 => x25
Adena: from x12 => x30
RB Drop: from x5 => x10
Quest Drop: from x3 => x7
Quest Chance: from x6 => x15
Enchant Rates: from 55% to 60%.
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +8

=GM-Shop Changes=
- Icarus Weapons, Moirai Armors & Moirai Jewels will be added.
- Vesper Weapons, Vesper Armors & Vesper Jewels will be added.
- Upgrade to Foundation Armor will be added for Moirai & Vespers in exchange with Neolithic Crystals S80-S84 per part.

=Daily Quest: Don't Know, Don't Care Changes=
- Dragon Beast will now drop extra - Vorpal Robe parts (gloves,shoes,circlet)
- Behemoth Leader will now drop extra - Vorpal Light parts (gloves,boots,helmet)
- Drake Lord will now drop extra - Vorpal Heavy parts (gloves,boots,helmet)

=New Raid Boss=
Baylor, will spawn 3 times a week on prime time. It will drop mainly Mid-S84 Weapons, Vorpal Armory & Vorpal Jewels and more. All the players that dealt damage to it will get 10-15 PvP Golden Apiga Reward after it dies.

=The Black Mambas=
The Black Mambas will be an alias with a code on their title that every new player will get when he enters on the server.
All new Players with title Black Mambas will enter on a phantom clan, depend on their faction they will enter on the Good Faction or Evil Faction clans.
Those Clans will have Level 8 + full Clan Skills, and will help newbies to find easier party or request for help and they will graduate/dismiss players after 72 hours of their character creation giving them the graduation rewards. (40 FA, Random Hat, 500kk Adena, 200 Giant's Codex, 5 Giant's Codex - Mastery & 5 Top-Grade Life Stones.)

Minor Changelog
- Promo event removed.
- All color names from previous events removed.
- Neolithic Crystals added for PvP Golden Apiga in Farkas Shop.

Next Sieges & Events Schedule
Saturday 12 August: Aden Siege at (21:00)
Saturday 12 August: PvP Gathering (21:30)
Sunday 13 August: Oren Siege (17:00), Dion Siege (19:00), Innadril Siege (21:00)
Monday 14 August: Giran Siege (18:00), Rune Siege (20:00)
Tuesday 15 August: Territory Wars (20:00)
Friday 18 August: 2nd Valakas Carnage (20:30) with Random Loot System, drops will be distributed directly in luckiest player's inventories.

To be done until 15 August:
- Kills in Events will give PvP - Golden Apiga reward per kill.
- Kills in Events will count as PvP point.
- 1 Char per hwid will be able to enter events/oly.
- Olympiad kills will reward with 2 PvP - Golden Apiga each kill.
- Change Armor Service, Vesper to Vesper parts & Vorpal to Vorpal parts will be added in Drake for DP.

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