Changelog: 20.07.2017
20 Jul 2017
- Added .autopotions (.cp .mp .hp commands as well)
- Added Faction Chat(^message) during Faction Sieges
- Added Base for attacking faction in Faction Sieges
- Only Giran, Aden and Rune can now be sieged.
- Faction Sieges, Castle Sieges and Territory wars now lasts for 1 hour
- Improved Faction Balance (before it was 53% Good 47% Evil, now its 50/50)
- Engrave the Ruler takes now 1 minute to be casted during Faction Siege
- Faction sieges are now held on Saturdays, Castle Sieges on Sundays and Territory Wars on Mondays
- Level 6+ Clans are now registered automatically to Castle Sieges (on Sunday)
- Rewards for the GvE Sieges, Normal Sieges, Territory Wars increased to: (they will be posted tomorrow at 20:00 CEST)
- Picking up drops in Instance Bosses should now be fixed. (Zaken/Halisha/Freya bug with drops on the ground)
- Fixed multiple issues with Promo Code. (new promo code will be released for beginners only inside next week)
- Only winner of Faction Siege can now register to Siege of that castle a day later.

The next updates on the server will be:
- New Promo Code for new comers & new rewards. (Before 30th July.)
- Jail bug fix. (Before 30th July.)
- Good vs Evil PvP Reward System & new currency. (Before 30th July.)
- Fortress Changes, only 8 Fortresses will be possible to be sieged/captured. (Before 30th July.)
- Faction Shop (exchange your new currency you get from GvE PvP for new stuff in Faction Shop). (Before 30th July.)
- New Olympiad system with real time statistics in game, as well as brand new design , new ranking system with MMR. (Before 30th August.)
- Infinity (hero) Weapons & Epic Jewels statistics & passives rework. (Before 30th August.)

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