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General Discussion / Re: help please
« on: January 06, 2017, 02:48:36 PM »
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what it is supposed to mean?

General Discussion / help please
« on: January 05, 2017, 01:19:58 AM »
Nick on server:iTITAN

So I was super excited for picking up octo claws from the freya RB, and as a Titan, I wanted to sell them and get something that I need..There's this guy Vicent that pms me and says if I want to sell the item for 120DP, it seemed really good so I agreed!
He told me to come in Rune, so I did, I trade him and he puts the DP there, I am able to see clearly that there are 1 2 0 DP and then he cancels and says: "wait a sec, full inventory", he trades me back, I put the claws in, and I look at the DP, they seem to be 120 but actually they were 12, and I was moving so fast that I couldnt see that there were 12DP.
Ok so I confirm the trade and he says "gg" and disconnects..It didn't seem wierd to me idk why, but when I want to say on shout, you know WTS ... ; i wanted to shift on them, to like, show them, and then, I can see that there were only 12 DP.

I wanted to attach the screenshots that I've made in full screen to show you guys the pms between me and that guy but they ended up looking like...literally nothing, if gm wants to see I can upload the ss I did in full screen to see how it looked.
So I've only made a screenshot to the DP amount, so the GM could see it (see picture) I WANT TO MENTION THAT I HAD TO MAKE IT A WINDOW TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THAT SCREENSHOT

I dont want Octo Claws back, I dont want DP, I dont want anything but that guy to be banned on his IP cause I think he is T0NYDBB, or whatsoever, Im not sure of it tho! You can verify the IP.
*why do I think it's him?While I was announcing on shout that I am selling octo claws he came up to me and said 2.5kkk, and I said no cause it's not worth that much, and I told him "go buy this with 2.5kkk if u find it but im not gonna sell it for 2.5kkk", after I got scammed, I specified that this guy 'Vicent' disconnected, T0NYDBB pms me and shows me the octo claw, and says: "look, i bought them for 2.5kkk", this could be a coincidence, but again, I specified that Vicent asked me to come to Rune, so I did, and after I got scammed T0NYDBB was also in rune.

P.S I didn't know what to do, I started playing L2 like a month ago and it's my first experience of being scammed.

I only ask the GM to help me.

that's how the photo in full-screen looks

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