The Black Mambas x50 Update Details.
11 Aug 2017
=Rates Changes=
Exp: from x20 => x50
Drop: from x10 => x25 (DOES NOT AFFECT: Transform Sealbook - Anakim, Leonard, Adamantine, Orichalcum, Fire/Earth/Divine/Dark/Water/Wind Stones, Giant's Codex , Giant's Codex - Oblivion/Discipline/Mastery, Large Dragon Bone, Large Dragon Skull, Fire/Earth/Divine/Dark/Water/Wind Crystals, High-Grade Life Stones, Top-Grade Life Stones, Festival Adena, BEAS, BEWS.)
Spoil: from x10 => x25
Adena: from x12 => x30
RB Drop: from x5 => x10
Quest Drop: from x3 => x7
Quest Chance: from x6 => x15
Enchant Rates: from 55% to 60%.
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +8

=GM-Shop Changes=
- Icarus Weapons, Moirai Armors & Moirai Jewels will be added.
- Vesper Weapons, Vesper Armors & Vesper Jewels will be added.
- Upgrade to Foundation Armor will be added for Moirai & Vespers in exchange with Neolithic Crystals S80-S84 per part.

=Daily Quest: Don't Know, Don't Care Changes=
- Dragon Beast will now drop extra - Vorpal Robe parts (gloves,shoes,circlet)
- Behemoth Leader will now drop extra - Vorpal Light parts (gloves,boots,helmet)
- Drake Lord will now drop extra - Vorpal Heavy parts (gloves,boots,helmet)

=New Raid Boss=
Baylor, will spawn 3 times a week on prime time. It will drop mainly Mid-S84 Weapons, Vorpal Armory & Vorpal Jewels and more. All the players that dealt damage to it will get 10-15 PvP Golden Apiga Reward after it dies.

=The Black Mambas=
The Black Mambas will be an alias with a code on their title that every new player will get when he enters on the server.
All new Players with title Black Mambas will enter on a phantom clan, depend on their faction they will enter on the Good Faction or Evil Faction clans.
Those Clans will have Level 8 + full Clan Skills, and will help newbies to find easier party or request for help and they will graduate/dismiss players after 72 hours of their character creation giving them the graduation rewards. (40 FA, Random Hat, 500kk Adena, 200 Giant's Codex, 5 Giant's Codex - Mastery & 5 Top-Grade Life Stones.)

Minor Changelog
- Promo event removed.
- All color names from previous events removed.
- Neolithic Crystals added for PvP Golden Apiga in Farkas Shop.

Next Sieges & Events Schedule
Saturday 12 August: Aden Siege at (21:00)
Saturday 12 August: PvP Gathering (21:30)
Sunday 13 August: Oren Siege (17:00), Dion Siege (19:00), Innadril Siege (21:00)
Monday 14 August: Giran Siege (18:00), Rune Siege (20:00)
Tuesday 15 August: Territory Wars (20:00)
Friday 18 August: 2nd Valakas Carnage (20:30) with Random Loot System, drops will be distributed directly in luckiest player's inventories.

To be done until 15 August:
- Kills in Events will give PvP - Golden Apiga reward per kill.
- Kills in Events will count as PvP point.
- 1 Char per hwid will be able to enter events/oly.
- Olympiad kills will reward with 2 PvP - Golden Apiga each kill.
- Change Armor Service, Vesper to Vesper parts & Vorpal to Vorpal parts will be added in Drake for DP.
Antharas Carnage - GvE Epic Boss Event
03 Aug 2017
This Monday - 7 August at 21:15 (Server Time) right after the Territory Wars,
Antharas Carnage GvE Event will take place.

There will be a new loot system for the drops, when the Epic dies it will distribute the drops randomly to the
alive players with 9999 radius around the Epic Boss.

This way, everyone will have the same chances to get an important loot.
Clan Bonuses Event
30 Jul 2017
This Monday, 31st July at 21:15 Server Time (right after Territory Wars).

Clan Bonuses Event will take place and all the Clans with over "10"+ Members Online
will receive level 8 + 100k CRP Bonus in their Clan.
L2Era Players Welcome Treasure Pack.
23 Jul 2017
Use Promo Code: froml2era2, and receive the following Bonuses:
- On level 1, all L2Era players will get 7-Days Premium Account Bonuses.
- On level 20, all L2Era players will get 10-Days limited orange name.
- On level 40, you will get 1 random HAT-Accessory & 5kk Adena .
- On level 52, you will get 10kk Adena (enough to buy full B-Grade).
- On level 61, you will get 40kk Adena (enough to buy full A-Grade).
- On level 70, you will get 250x Mana Potions + 250x Greater Healing Potions + 250x Greater CP Potions + Red Strider Mount.
- On level 76, you will get 80kk Adena (enough to buy S-Grade).
- On level 80, you will get 425kk Adena (enough to buy full Dynasty).
- On level 85, you will get 50x Giant's Codex + 10x Giant's Codex Mastery + 1x Holy Spirit's Cloak + 1x Icarus Weapon Box (random weapon with SA) .
Tuesday 25 July - 1st Valakas Carnage Event
22 Jul 2017
-Tuesday 25 July - 1st Valakas Carnage.(20:30 CEST)

A Good vs Evil Massacre for the Necklace of the Red Dragon incoming, everyone is allowed to participate with Party or SOLO and roll his chances!

Valakas Teleported will be spawned in Rune & Aden, everyone can use it with party to get teleported in the Valakas Nest. After Valakas is awake, Solo players can approach too by sending pm to the system for auto teleportation. ("ValakasPort)

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